The Round Mountain Group has launched an extensive system and network upgrade program to deliver consistent high quality service to our growing client base. This followed an intensive period of performance data collection and analysis over the summer, as well as a major engineering review of forthcoming changes in the web prompted by security and search engine considerations.  Projects underway and scheduled for completion this fall include:

  • New, much more powerful dedicated servers (up and running)
  • Content delivery network (up and running)
  • Upgraded and more powerful caching  (up)
  • Cloud based media streaming support (available now)
  • New network monitoring system (complete)
  • Realtime server status page with service updates  (complete)
  • Client Portal for account management, support requests and bill payment  (in development)
  • Support for SSL/HTTPS to comply with new Google recommendations (ready)
  • Advanced new security features and network firewall (complete)
  • Cloud based, automated image compression and enhancement (up and running)
  • New version of MySQL Database to enhance security  (complete)
  • WordPress 4.0 Deployment  (rolling basis)
  • New social media integration facility  (now available)
  • New disaster recovery options (engineering)
  • New backup and site redeployment processes (engineering)

Along with these improvements, some additional changes are underway.  Several slower servers are being decommissioned or redeployed. In addition Round Mountain Group has dropped support for the Joomla Content Management System.

We’re working to implement these improvements right now.  Some will require short periods of downtime. Please refer to the Server Status Page at:


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