Several old, obsolete or unsupported client platforms do not support modern SSL implementations. Web visitors using these clients may be challenged by interstitial warning messages about certificate validity.  Generally it is safe to click past these messages, although many of these clients will deliver a degraded user experience after a connection is established.

Furthermore, it should be noted that Windows XP, Windows Vista and Internet Explorer 8 are no longer supported by Microsoft, do not receive security updates and should be assumed to be compromised if connected to the Internet.

Unsupported clients include:

  • Blackberry < v10.3.3
  • Android < v2.3.6
  • Nintendo 3DS
  • Windows XP + Internet Explorer (IE)
  • Java 7 < 7u111
  • Java 8 < 8u101
  • Windows Live Mail (2012 mail client, not webmail)
  • PS3 game console
  • PS4 game console with firmware < 5.00

Older Windows + IE configurations should be up to date with Microsoft updates and must support the DST Root CA X3 Certificate. You can check this in IE > Tools > Internet Options > Content

See this Microsoft KB Article for more information on manually applying mandatory updates to your stored certificate library if you had updates turned off.

If you have no choice but to remain on Windows XP, we recommend switching to the Chrome browser and insuring the system has Service Pack 3 (SP3) installed.

This info is provided for information only. 

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