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To Use Domain Mail (ie. You Have Options:

  • Mail forwarded from your domain to another email address has become less reliable due to anti-spam measures implemented by most major email providers as well as technical anti-spam measures we have implemented.
  • We still support forwarding with the caveat that you should frequently check your spam folder for mischaracterized messages.
  • Private mail servers are supported by Round Mountain thru customization of your DNS records.
  • Cloud services like Google Workspace are recommended for those without a private email server.
  • They are supported by customizing your DNS records.


Recommended Solution: Google Workspace

  • Workspace is a cloud-based productivity suite for your business that helps you get work done from anywhere on any device.
  • Look professional: get custom email ( and more than 30 GB of inbox storage.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Outlook and other email clients.
  • Smart scheduling with Google Calendar
  • Get reminders directly in your Gmail inbox.
  • Store and share in the cloud with Google Drive
  • Save work files in Google Drive, access them from any device.
  • Collaborate in real time.
  • Includes Free setup of DNS records by Round Mountain experts for our web clients.


Setup is Easy

  • Order using our link and coupon codes
  • Round Mountain performs your domain verification and DNS record update
  • Google Support will help you setup Outlook, phones, etc…
  • That’s it!



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