As the summer season comes to a close I wanted to update everyone on a few projects here:

  • We discovered that our social sharing facility, software used in many sites, had been modified by it’s developers to include user tracking.  I felt this was unethical – as it was never disclosed to web studios like RMG – and violates the standard Privacy Notice which we place on all of our sites. Therefore we discontinued using it.  ElegantThemes, who is our main partner for WordPress software components and themes is shortly releasing a comprehensive social sharing facility which we will be adding, as appropriate, as soon as we have access to it.
  • We discontinued the use of Pingdom for uptime tracking after too many 3am false alarms.  Yes, folks, RMG gets up at 3am to check your site if we receive a text message saying it’s down.  The problem was not resolved to our satisfaction after two years of complaints.  We are looking for a replacement now.
  • Our big infrastructure project – the Content Delivery Network or CDN is moving along with trials of two vendors, Rackspace and Cloudflare.  CDN will improve performance and make our network resilient against hackers, who are running amok on the web.
  • Hackers are hitting an all time high – or all  time low these days. We’ve got you covered on your websites, but please be diligent about your passwords ON ALL SYSTEMS.  Never use one password for two different services.  And please use difficult to guess passwords!

Thanks for listening and for your continued support!  RMG is rapidly becoming the hottest web agency in the area thanks to your recommendations and loyalty.


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